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Workplace Security

In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, TRG Security offers enterprise-grade cybersecurity, leading cyber talent and expertise.

IT security risks evolve at an astounding rate and the extent of the associated liabilities can be extreme. From simple phishing attacks to complex breaches, losses caused can be devastating, and the resultant financial impact from interruptions to operations, reputational damage, and potential legal implications can be tough to recover from. Many businesses may never recover.
Firewalls, antivirus software, and passwords are no longer enough. Today, thorough protection demands a comprehensive and integrated approach to manage risk as well as meet regulatory requirements. TRG Workplace Security supplies the tools, technologies as well as skilled personnel required to defend an organisation against an increasing volume of internal and external threats. Cyber hygiene practices are adhered to, with enhanced continuous monitoring and network hardening, vulnerability identification, remediation, identity and access management together with malware prevention, threat detection and response services.

Get comprehensive risk-mitigating and Cyber Risk Management services.

TRG’s Workplace Security is a trusted comprehensive answer to ensuring your organisation is adequately prepared for any Cyberattack Incidents. We leverage SPG, our Proprietary ITSM Platform, our Security (SOC) and Network Operations Centre (NOC) in concert with best of breed integrated software solutions. The platform provides a Single Pane of Glass (SPG) view of your entire environment with integrated tools that ensure simplification, all managed via an intuitive console. This service is offered on a Self-Managed or Fully TRG-Managed basis, with monthly pricing.

The 7 Pillars of Prevention and Protection – TRG Service Framework

Secure Configuration Management

SCM refers to products, procedures, features and services essential for the management and control of your information systems to enable security and manage risk. Asset Management , Patch and Policy management.

Vulnerability Management

Identifying, assessing, remediating and reporting on security vulnerabilities in systems and software. We provide continuous Credential Theft Monitoring within in the Dark and Deep Web sources for any compromised credentials linked to your organization; notifications and incident management provided. Vulnerability Management & Dark Web Credential Theft Monitoring

Network Monitoring

We manage your Network, providing monitoring and maintenance programs, leveraging the power of SPG and its integrated toolsets.The UTS (Unified Technology Services) team(from our SOC and NOC) ensures all devices perform as they should, are configured correctly, fully patched and up to date. Network and Device Monitoring for devices such as Firewalls, Switches, Routers, and Wireless Access Points

Identity & Access Management

A single intuitive interface for securely managing role- and access-specific password servers, single sign on, multifactor authentication and more, tailoring to your use-case and regulation requirements. Multifactor Authentication

Threat Detection & Response

Around the clock analysts provide an application and device logging platform for the collection of activity across an organisation’s entire attack surface – so we can detect threats early and block or limit any potential damage. Integrating log data from multiple data sources. Security Operations Centre Operations

Engagement & Education

Eliminate your potentially biggest cybersecurity threat – recklessornegligent employees. We manage Simulated Phishing Campaigns and User Education Training and testing, ensuring users learn and progress; withmanagement reports provided. Simulated Phishing, User Education Training & Reporting

Malware Prevention

Workplace Security for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) includes licencing, deployment, monitoring and remediation of your chosen and SPG supported EDR solution ( Sentinel One, a recommended GARTNER EDR). Additionally, we provide the benefits of centralised monitoring and control via your SPG console with full response and remediation services, available 24/7 for managed instances. Our DNS Protection uses cloud-based web filtering, ensuring the monitoring, control and protection of your users and business when online. Mail Protection, for the blocking of spam, viruses, malware, ransomware and links to malicious websites from your emails is also provided. Our platforms identify spoofing and credential theft. End Point Detection and Response, DNS Protection & Email Protection

We protect your business as if it’s our own.