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Security Testing & Consulting Services

Improve Cyber Resilience

with regular Cyber security Assessments

To successfully protect your organisation against cyber threats, it’s imperative to begin by identifying where its security weaknesses lie. Today’s cybercriminals will exploit any and all vulnerabilities to attack your organisation. Proactive identification of security risks is therefore essential to help protect your business and prioritise future security investments. Our highly accredited cyber team offer assessments to pinpoint security weaknesses within your IT infrastructure.

Vulnerability Assessments

Better understand and manage your organisation’s cyber security risks, identify, classify and remediate them.

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Penetration Testing

Pen testing engagements to identify and address security vulnerabilities in your networks, infrastructure, and applications.

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Web Application Testing

Our web application testing service can be commissioned to assess the security of websites and applications developed in-house or by third-party vendors. when required. remediate them.

Social Engineering

Assess the ability of your organisation’s systems and personnel to detect and respond to a real-life email phishing exercise.remediate them.